:: The Traffic In My Brain ::




I can only note that the past is beautiful because I never once realized those emotions at the time.

It  grows later and because of that, I don’t have complete emotions about my present but only of that of the past.

Because of that I cannot think well, love well, sleep well, and eat well.

My life is not a series of fun parties.

My life is like a light that lights up a dark cave, a reminder of the beginning of the consciousness end.

Time is always running away, never stops.

Everything I wanted to say is gone, it is too late.

If you see me 10 years ago, would you let me know?

Mental fights means thinking against the current, not with it.

But how can I go against the current if my mind is not strong enough.

The life within me, by no means agrees with the life outside me.

It is far more difficult to kill an imagination than a reality.

But I understand now, to enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves.



:: Fantasy Vs Desires ::



We often get mistaken between fantasy and desires, thinking that they have the same meaning. Yes, it is true that they are in the same realms of imagination but what separates them is needs and wants.

Let us first understand and separate each of the above.

Fantasy is a mental image we create to fulfill our psychological needs. It could be the need of sex or even food. We imagine it not because we want to but because we need too to fulfill our cravings.Fantasy is more of an illusion of reality.

Desires on the other hand, is an expressed wish. It is also known as a want. We put our imagination, or should I put it as our plan, into action. Desires aren’t needs. This wants, are what that gives us the recognition in life. For example love, we want it more than we actually need it. Desires can be seen more of a reality than that of an illusion.

So with what we have understood from above, how do we separate our fantasy and desires the next time we are face in that situation. Simple solution I have thought of for all of you. If it is something that you day dream about, high likely it is your fantasy. Whereas if it is something you are constantly thinking about and working hard to achieve it, there is a high chance that that is your desires.

End your confusion, do an exercise by listing out your wants and needs in life.