:: 365 Memories ::


It’s been so long since I heard you,

haunting me again.

Waking up is like living in a dream,

as is dreaming feels like reality.

How have you find a way back into my life,

for I thought I have won the battles we had.

Is this the war I didn’t see coming.

Is this where we are and where we will be.

For if it is, one of us must die.


:: Footprints ::

I still feel a part of you when I am with him.

That lost.

That lingering feeling of love.

Deep impact.


:: Because of you ::



So I sit here,



I thought I finally made it,

I thought I finally got it right this time,

But I never thought it could be so wrong.

I see you,



heart filled with warmth,

with love.

Here I am because of you,

sitting alone,

clouded by my own shadow,

my own bleeding heart,

my own heart break.

Because the day you promised to love,

I trusted you.

Because of you,

I am lost,

right in front of you.



:: The Body of My Love ::

So here we are again,

Laying in an empty bed.

Tears rolling down his eyes,

Sobbing off what he’s lost.

Kissing an empty night,

Hoping tomorrow he would be alright.

For he gave his heart fully throughout,

Only to get it torn apart.

For he only has one more wish,

To never die without having love by his side.



:: A Thousand Death :: 

My heart bleeds tonight,

Crying and it feels like I have lost my sight.

I was hoping for a little insight,

On why you broke me this much,

It feels like a bite,

This pain is just too much,

So can you just let me go alright,

Because it only seems right.

A thousand death I have survived,

Let this path lead me back to the light.