:: Good + Bad ::

Life will never be perfect.

It will be filled with many goods and bads.

So while we are still living.

Learn to take both in your hands.

Then you can u
Perhaps understand what it means to have a life in balance.



:: A Blind Man’s Wish ::

We wished for so many things everyday.

We wished to be rich.

We wish to pass our SATs.

We wish we found the perfect one.

But a wish of the blind man is very different from ours.

They just like others with impairment is simple.

They wish they could see.

Something we take for granted each day.


:: I Could Just ::

I could just not turn up for work.

But for how long can I not show up?

How many unhappy days can I have in a year?


I could just cross the road right now when the red man is flashed up.

And get hit by a car.

But what are the chances?

I could just end my life right now because I am so unhappy.

But what guarantee do I have that my afterlife will bring me the happiness I seek?

You see, we can never know what might happen next.

So, what we can do is just continue living and pray that God gives us the strength we need to have with us to pull through the hardship we might face ahead.



:: Friendships::


Real friendships are one shared similar to those like atheletes.

In the locker room we comfort each other.

Out there on the playing ground, we let loose.

If truly you are friends, it doesn’t matter who wins,

who finished first,

who came in last.

What matters is, you were there in the beginning and waited for each other in the end.


:: Time ::

2012-06-27 - Chasing time

There are many elements to make life work.

But nothing is truly more important than time.

I mean you can have all the money, friends and luck in your life,

but only time will determine how long that so called happiness can last.

So I say make every minute, no, every second in life count.


:: Truth or Dare ::


There comes a point in everyone’s life when the game or truth or dare no longer becomes a game of choice.

Instead it becomes a choice in a serious situation.

And the word ‘or’ will then be replaced with he word ‘and’.

Because you not only have to be daring in the moment but truthful at the same time.