:: Beat Of The Week ::

She killed it again.

Slow, steady yet creepy.

I think this song is perfect for those who are planning to make love or go for a slow dance.

10/10 for Lana!



:: Beat Of The Week ::


Perhaps I am back dated with the recent songs.

But I have had this song in my head for 3 weeks now.

It is time to let it go!


:: Beat Of The Week ::

The Eve of Valentine’s Week is here.

I who choose this songs for all the lovers out there.

The song definitely put lots of meaning to love.

Have you had a your Valentine date for the year yet?


12/10 for the sexy Shakira!


:: Beat Of The Week ::


You know everyone is watching, listening and admiring her.

When the crowd is rowdy is tells you, you are not as great as the beat beating.

But if you are singing and the beat goes on and everyone looks at you.

You know you are the star.

Just like one of the commenter said,

She is authentic, she has talent and she doesn’t need to show her body or twerk to be respected like some famous singers.

12/10 for Lorde.


:: Beat Of The Week ::


You can never go wrong when you put two of the biggest diva in music together.

Xtina might have lost the limelight to Britney during their trio performance with Madonna.

But since then Xtina has moved on and claim her on with other divas.

This is definitely a better version of the original that was done with R Kelly!