:: Footprints ::

I still feel a part of you when I am with him.

That lost.

That lingering feeling of love.

Deep impact.



:: The Body of My Love ::

So here we are again,

Laying in an empty bed.

Tears rolling down his eyes,

Sobbing off what he’s lost.

Kissing an empty night,

Hoping tomorrow he would be alright.

For he gave his heart fully throughout,

Only to get it torn apart.

For he only has one more wish,

To never die without having love by his side.



:: Love – Truth ::



Falling in love is just like kissing. No two people can do the same. Romance may begin with the most random encounters.

Often we are just sitting minding our own business and then bam! Love strucks from nowhere!

Love inspires us to do great, beautiful, terrible things and a bunch of weird and stupid stuff. That is because when we fall in love, our reasoning and perspective becomes distorted and we discover the lover’s paradox. And just like that, we realized that we have a clear purpose in life, but we suffer from overwhelming indecisions.

The affectionare attention we receive means we feel more self-affirmed and radiant than ever before and yet we are stuck with self-doubt and insecurities. Though it is wonderful in so many ways, falling in love can be a very unsettling experience. Whenever you close your eyes, the object of your desires floats across a dreamland towards your waiting lips. In fact, the only time we really wake up to reality is when the new lover is approaching.

Unfortunately, at the same exact moment, you enter into a dark place. You try to stay calm and composed, endeavouring to present a picture of charisma and confidence. You fail. All those deep dark secrets in your heart that you go about rehearsing a thousand times and finally ready to share, suddenly vanished. Sounding like a boy who suffers from a stage fright and just freezes on stage.

The key here is patience. Like they say, there are many fish in the sea. So it makes no sense to grab the first cute guy that walks by, thinking that Mr. Perfect would never again appear by chance.

My advice is, don’t be afraid to slow down. Really, just take a moment to think through your feelings. Run through a few emotional scenarios in your mind and see how they look and how you would feel. There is a darn good reason why we feel so shy when we first meet someone special. Both really, are just checking each other out, looking out for something personal that could be revealed. The process is all about trust though. Slowly and surely you will get closer and closer. Somethings in life are just not meant to be rushed, and love is one of it because it is worth waiting for.

In its early stages, love is beyond wonderful. Each moment together feels like a passionate embrace in paradise.(You feel as though you are in a movie and sometimes you feel like this is too good to be true!) But we tend to forget that some fairytales and love stories don’t really end up in a happily ever after ending. Remember Romeo and Juliet? Yeah, love hurts in that story didn’t it?

The truth is that, love can and may always feel beautiful and pitch perfect. But not all the time. Falling in love is like an exquisite but complex partnership of two people. Just like any other relationship, love come in with a beautiful and dynamic world filled with ups and downs.

Just imagine the process of washing your clothes. Your clothes don’t just magically clean and dry up the second you put it into the washing machine, it takes time. The same goes to the case of love. Irritatingly and how so true, you don’t just get the red carpet straight to the imaginary kingdom of love the moment you fall in love like everything was all planned out for you. Because the truth is, two independently different minds  are bound to slightly have different beliefs. That is why, not until we learn about each others preferences, will we truly blossom in our realtionship. Because we know that even the most loving couples out there can’t possibly agree on everything under the sun.

And then there comes the question of heartbreaks. We can forgiven and forget in life but not all the time. Especially when in such an intense world of love. With just one slip, two loving couples, who at first thought they were meant for each other, find all their hopes and dreams shattered. And yet, if we would just make a little effort to reach out and reconnet to make everything right again, we will understnad how quickly a quiet apology, in terms of words and deed, can return lost smiles.

The bottom line is that love, just like everything else in life that really matters to us, requires genuine effort. Actions like cuddling and kissing goes a long way to make love between two people stronger.

When you are in love, sometimes you just have to get out there and try something out of your comfort zone to make it work. Which is why we will learn in time that falling in love can be exhausting. This is why many nowadays, choose to be single. Times has changed and so has peoples views and expectations about love. Many other reasons comes along with it, like fear of being hurt, rejection and alone. I mean it is hard enough to be responsible for our own feels let alone another person’s.

At the end of the day, whether you realized it or not, love can overcome ludicrous dramas in life. Realizing the power of love feels like finally finding your dream house. You have finally found love or in other cases love have finally found you.


:: 5 Ways To Score On The First Impression ::

So after Supper last night after work, my collegues and I decided to sit outside Mcdonalds’ at Lucky Chinatown.

And suddenly this two Dutchmen inside Mcdonalds’ were waving towards our direction and incidentally to me. Of course I waved back out of kindness but little did I expect for them to come out and talk to me.

What these chaps, both ironically named Michael, were trying to do was get me back to their hotel when the conversation ends. Of course I didn’t if you were wondering. But I did though pick up a few pointers that made them score, and if only my friends weren’t around and if I was tired, I would definitely might have consider left with them.

So let us discover what can make you score on the first impression and go ding ding ding!


#1 Be Charming.

There is nothing more attractive than a charming guy. So what one of the dutchmen did was put on a bright smile. A friendly one, not a cheeky one. And like that he just scored the first point.


#2 The Friendly Introduction.

Then after being charming and making the first move, it is the first approach. He made it really freindly and respectable tyo everyone in my surroundings. I mean of course he had no interest with my friends but he still politely introduced himself to all four of us before diverting back his attention to me.


#3 Say The Right Things.

The next when trying to hold on a conversation is to say all the right things. He did that. Pointing out all the goods I have to make me bloat about myself.


#4 Speaking A Different Language,

Nothing is more sexy than speaking a foreign language, one that I should say is totally alien to the other party. I mean it may seems disrespectful knowing that you don’t understand what he is saying but it is good when he acknowledges that he is just to shy to say it in the language you know.


#5 Don’t be too pushy.

Last but not least is not to be too pushy. Good thing he didn’t. Just makes him a gentleman! Bravo for that! We did exchange numbers though.

Dang! So there you go, a little pointers for those who loves to play the game of love!


:: Distance ::


Distance has distant us apart.

But distance also has brought us together.

Distance, it made us found love.

For if I have doubt our love, I would have left a long time ago.

But somehow, this love that seems to be out of reach sometimes, is what brought us closer.

It made us what each other more, it made us love each other more.

Just like the sea, we are never parted from land.

What others can’t see, is what made all of life miracles possible.


:: This Is How ::


So this is how it all begun.

At a club.

The first time we meet.

You were the drunk, I served every Friday night.

It was all hi and bye or just how much it was to enter the club.

But today something changed.

I called you by your name.

So instead of the smile we used to exchanged to each other, our conversation lasted longer.

You asked me how I knew your name and I told you because I served you every Friday.

So from a smile it became a 5 mins conversation.

Then something happened before you left.

We exchanged a second of a kiss.

No I have not fall in love.

But yes you’ve open my heart to believe that falling in love is possible.

So that was how it all begun.

And today this is how it is going to be.

I am going to go out there to the world and face the fear I have so long fear to face, to fall in love.