:: 25 Daily Unanswered Life Questions ::





We live of life daily with many disappointments. Only because we don’t get what we want.

I am sure there is a very moment in each day that you will have a question unanswered. And if you think back, you won’t be surprise to learn that, you have actually unconsciously asked yourself the same question every single day. Until of course that unanswered question become answered.

So what exactly are those questions?

They are pretty common actually. So let me list for you the 25 most common unanswered life questions.


  1. What do I want in life?
  2. Should I follow my instincts?
  3. Why am I always broke the day after my pay day?
  4. Why must the weather be such a bitch today!?
  5. When will I die?
  6. Who the fuck just farted!!??
  7. Is the grass greener on the other side?
  8. Do you have to speak so loud?
  9. Why me?
  10. What’s your problem?
  11. How can we resolve this issue?
  12. Can we turn back time?
  13. Did I just self-sabotage?
  14. Am I ever going to fall in love?
  15. Is he ever going to propose?
  16. Is he thinking of me too?
  17. When will it be my turn?
  18. Why am I so unhappy on my special day?
  19. What did I do to deserve this?
  20. Must you walk and smoke at the same time and kill everyone on the way?
  21. Am I a bad person?
  22. Why must I put up with this?
  23. How do I stop telemarketers from annoying me?
  24. Why can’t you trust me?
  25. Why is my mind blank at the exact moment when I need it to be thinking!?

Ah so there you go. Some may not be in this list. But then again this is my own and the common ones I have come across at least.

I hope you enjoy questioning yourself everyday and for your own sake I hope you find the answer to it one day.




:: Habit ::


You 4 monkeys running your little shit.

Insluting everyone else as you go along with it.

That ain’t cool,

Cause I don’t remember that’s what they thought in school.

You think you’ve the blueprint,

But child you ain’t nothing brand new.

We seen it before,

Just not with a cast filled with whores.

You just insluting you colour with your little show,

Trust me ain’t cool when I ahve to speak about your damn show.

I smell a fight coming,

But all I see is you running.

Your tricks is for kids, silly rabbits.

I hope you break your habit!


London Sights & Food! :D

love the simpleness of the layout!



Today I’m blogging about my London trip in early May! 😀 My family went over to attend and celebrate my 2nd sister’s graduation from Imperial College! 🙂

So my family stayed at Ibis hotel, Shepherd’s Bush branch. I think it’s a good and convenient place to stay, as its less than 5 minutes walk from the tube station. 🙂

Ena London Ibis 3

My angel & elder sister chilling in our room. We really enjoyed chilling in London, after my final semester from school and her taking a respite from her busy work schedule.Ena London Ibis 2

The TV area and mirror.Ena London Ibis 1

Upclose picture of the room, beds and table area.

Ena London Ibis 4

Toilet! The door has no twist knob, it’s just push and pull and makes a mighty bang noise whenever you open or close the door, haha!

Ena London Ibis Sleep App

Cool looking app Sleep Art app where it supposedly makes art when  you place it on your bed at…

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:: H2H ::


At work yesterday, I teamed up with a very senior staff. Let us call her, Lea.

She looks very fierce on the first impression but actually she is just another caring old lady. She has a lot of passion and commitment in what she does at work and for that she has all my respect.

But I was really curious. I know that they was just something more to her that just this committed, passion and caring co-worker.

So I decided to break the ice. I asked her why is she the one who always work on Saturdays. She replied because of her hospitalization. I didn’t want to go further but of cause deep down inside I did. It didn’t take longer than a minute that she broke the news. For my chemo treatment. There my instincts were right, there is something more to this lady.

It was her turn to break the ice. She told me she knows. I was like, what do you know exactly?

She told me about my illness. She gave me a few of her thoughts.

She told me I should start back my treatment, she said, apart of you die, not the entire you. But I told her, why should I keep trying knowing that there is no end to this suffering. I asked her how is it going through chemo each week. The pain. Is that what you what me to feel. I am ok with out any of these treatment. And I feel that it will only make it worst if I were to go for it again.

She told me what about my future. I look at her giving the stare of, ‘what about it?’.

My offsprings, my family, friends and the things that love me. I told her would it matter?

Would all this matter to me when I am dead?

Yes, I will die and yes, people will get hurt. They will hate me for ever living them. But isn’t hate all about love. They don’t really hate me, they are just angry that they wished that apart from telling me I needed some medication or surgery to make me feel better, that they could have offered something more. Maybe a life.

I said to her, I am not all too worried about what will happen when I die. I planned it perfectly. I have touched hearts and I have hurt them.

I have distance from those who does give me much importance to my life and I have keep those who have brought true meaning to it. And for that they will understand the reason for my departure.

Yes they will grief. But only for a moment. And when that moment ends, they will move on knowing that there are other things in life that requires more attention than the death of a loved one that they can nothing about anymore.

But I am certain that now and then, they will look up the sky and ask god to free me from heaven and let me reach out to them. And after those prayers they will thank god and me and move on.

Lea, she looked at me, as if everything I just said made a lot of sense of why I have stop treatment. But for her she told me, she still know that there is hope.

I told her hope is always there, it is whether you want to grab it or not. And I happy that she did. Because both of us suffer from a chronic illness but yet on the surface we look extremely normal and healthy.

We have chosen different ways to approach the problem. But we have the some heart, a caring, committed and compassionate one.

She told me before we broke for out tea that others at work were worried about me and she was tasked to talked to me and changed my mind. But just like her, she knew I might have not changed her mind about her cancer but I have changed they way she looked into certain similar things in her life.

To Lea, thank you. God bless and may you win the battle of cancer.


:: 7 Wonders Of Singapore ::




Well you can never find the wonders on the world in Singapore. Here I am talking about the most talked about questions in Singapore. From the political to the social issues of the country.

I mean of course there are the cons living here but I can be honest, the pros definitely outweights the cons.

Let us start by saying that most things that goes in the country are not being opened up to the people.

So if you are ever going to consider migrating here, these are 7 things you might want to take into consideration.

  1. Wages vs Standard Of Living.
  • It is extremely ridiculous. The wages here remains the same when the standard of living increases. Let us take bus fares for exapmles. A bus fare which used to only cost 63cents for a short trip of less than 3.2km, now cost 73cents. Even the cost to go into a toilet has increased by 10cents. I mean I don’t mind paying as long as the toilets is well maintained but we are talking about a toilet that stinks and is only cleaned one or twice a day!

2. Transparency.

  • Well they talk so much about transperancy but there is actually close to none. We know absolutely the minimal and only know when someone leaks out an information.

3. Working Hours.

  • Already the pay is so low, the working hours adds on to the misery. We work more than the time we are suppose to mostly because work can’t be completed. Yes, they say work will never end. But they comes a point when it should. But over here works seems to drag you to your own grave.

4. Greed also known in Singapore Slang as ‘Kiasu’.

  • Let me give you a rough how this works. People are basically like zombies who smells a fresh blood to munch on. They rush for everything. Absolutely no manners in queuing, doesn’t apologize when wrong and the list can go on.

5. Repay your own savings.

  • Well I don’t know about other countries but I could be wrong. I find it extremely ridiculous that you have to pay back your own savings when you use it for your own education. The country emphasize so much on education . Yet when we do not have any other avenues to help us pay for our school fees and the only possible choice is our “retirement” savings ( CPF ), we have to pay back WITH INTEREST the amount we use. OUR OWN MONEY! It is like telling myslef, “Hey, Mkie here is the money you borrow yourself”. The worst part is the interest goes to the government! So basically the government gurrantee that we are going to get the money we saved. Though we will never know if we can live up to the age of 55 to take it out!

6. Community Services.

  • Every race have their own organzation to help their people out. For example, SINDA, CDAC and MENDAKI. I am not saying all 3. But there is one particular organization that only helps the rich. And what happens to the rest, they become the ruff of society.

7. The Importance of Foriegners.

  • We place so much importance on foriegn talent that the citizens of the country. We serve our nation to protect these people. We give up our job seats to them. We give our houses to them. Might as well give our entire country to them.

Well the points above are those of my fustration about my country. I am not frightening you. But I am trying to bring about some awarness and reality of this country.


:: Home ::


Growing up, home was the place to be, well at least for most people.

I grew up in a very violent environment.

A war I called home.

I told myself each day growing up that one day when I am older I will have a place I can call my own.

I took almost all the right steps in life growing up.

Studying hard, almost always one of the top 10 of my cohort.

Started work the day my aged allowed me too, so I can save up.

All plans came to place but something changed.

Maybe this past 2 years has thought me a lot of this.

Maybe as a child I felt helpless, so running away seems as the only option to have a better life.

How blinded was I.

I did things in my late teens to ruin my own future but I am happy I have sort it out now.

For now, I realized that the place I used to call a war zone is where I really find comfort.

I guess it is true, you can heal.

Though it took forever, at least you know you’ve healed.