:: Because of you ::



So I sit here,



I thought I finally made it,

I thought I finally got it right this time,

But I never thought it could be so wrong.

I see you,



heart filled with warmth,

with love.

Here I am because of you,

sitting alone,

clouded by my own shadow,

my own bleeding heart,

my own heart break.

Because the day you promised to love,

I trusted you.

Because of you,

I am lost,

right in front of you.




:: A Thousand Death :: 

My heart bleeds tonight,

Crying and it feels like I have lost my sight.

I was hoping for a little insight,

On why you broke me this much,

It feels like a bite,

This pain is just too much,

So can you just let me go alright,

Because it only seems right.

A thousand death I have survived,

Let this path lead me back to the light.


:: Them….::

That smile,

That laughter,

Ever so rare,

Like a pheonix that flys in the air,

But why do we seem to care?

About something that is so rare?

Perhaps it make more sense if we bother to share,

Then perhaps it would end all the stares….


:: Road ::

I wondered where they were,

Walking down this road.

I can no longer hear,

Any tales here.

I closed my eyes to visualized,

All those memories in my mind.

Then I saw you, 

The guy who existed in my life,

The one I fell short of saying hi to.

Since you are no longer here,

My heart still sits here,

Hoping one day someone would hear,

The cries in my heart all these years….

:: 5 Songs You Should Have On Your Playlist When Feeling Annoyed ::

Don’t you sometimes feel so annoyed that you just wanna punch someone on the face! Well stop right there. Music has proven to be a form of therapy to help you relax. All you need to do is find the perfect song to calm you down!

So I would like to share with you my top 5 songs I have on my playlist to save me from any further anger. These songs are rather annoying but it makes me smile!


1. Katy Perry- California Girls.

This song is truly annoying. What more the music video right? But all the annoyingness this video and song presents puts a smile on my face.


2. Britney Spears – Ooh La La!

This MV got my mind all wild! I picture Britney being dressed up as a smurf! The song is perfect to calm your nerves as you imagine yourself doing a run way walk, right right!!


3. PSY – Gentleman.

We thought that PSY’s gangnam style was just a one off success but he proved us wrong with second biggest hit Gentleman. The dance in the MV just put you mind to the wild side. All laughs in this video although the only thing we may understand througout the whole song is ”Gentleman!”. But that’s the whole point haha!!


4. Whitney Huston- I Will Always Love You.

Who would wanna miss out a legend like Whitney right! I just love this song. I remember during my high school dates my classmates would play this songs during our recess just so that they can scream their lungs out when Whitney goes, ” And I……………… will always love you, youuuuuuuu! ” Haha how can you miss out that part of the song. It is just a stress reliever!


5. Nicki Minaj- Superbass.

And last but not least Nicki! Who would wanna miss her out too. Her rapping is outta this world. Too fast that you can’t even breathe just trying to catch up. The MV never fails to put a smile on your face and so are her other songs. Love or hate her, Nicki versatiliy is one to admire!