:: Top 5 Kuih Raya ::

I just love festive season because of the food! What is different about the festive season compared to any normal days are the finger food.

I mean you wouldn’t want to serve your guests with fishballs and cheese hotdog. Imagine the time your would take to prepare for the 20 guest who visit your place for the day. So that is when cookies come in handy. And since it is Hari Raya, here are my Top 5 famous picks for finger food choices. It is a must try at each house you stop at. See who has the better end product.



1. Pineapple Tart

I mean who can go wrong with pineapple tart right? It is common amongst all races in Singapore. And who can get enough of it? Definitely not me! I finish a container of it even before Hari Raya began. A good pineapple tart should not be too hard not too powdery. It should just nicely melt in your mouth while you chew it. This is definitely a must must try at each house!



2. Honey Cornflakes.

My second pick who be the honey cornflakes. Though not common in most houses because of the hassle/cost of making this tasty finger food, it is a must try when you see it. A good honey cornflakes should be crispy and sweet! 





3 Kuih Marmur.

The third pick is kuih makmur. It is less common to see it these days as it is time consuming to make it. And somehow, the younger generation seems to have lost taste in it, well at least that is what one of my auntie who makes cookies told me. Well, what this kuih is all about? It is sort of a snowy sugar coating, with peanut inside. Again the texture of the body should be similar of that with the pineapple tart. You definitely don’t want to give this a miss if you see it!



4. Kuih Almond London.

I have no idea why the London came into the picture of naming this cookie but it is what it is. I can’t really find the history of it either. Anywawy I remember helping my aunt making this one. It is a terrible long process. The cooking of the cocoa is the crucial part of the whole process. Don’t expect this cookie to be sweet because it was never met to in the first place. It is famous and well liked even with the generation today.



5. Kuih Kelapa.

Ah this is one of every oldies favourite. The simplest to make amongst the 5, it surprisingly bring a sweet taste to it. It is made by its main ingredient of coconut, topped with a little raisin for a little deco.

Happy Holidays! And watch those calories!



:: Surgery Set! ::

So I met with the orthopedics doctor today.

The fracture got worst!

So I have to go for surgery.

A day after I turn 24 of all days.

Wish me luck and I hope to tell you more of the surgery outcome after my surgery next week.


:: 5 Things You Should Know Before Going For A Wax ::



Today, I finally decided to get a professional to do my waxing. Gosh, it was hell. But I guess it is all worth it. Now I know how to do it proper.

It is not that I have not waxed before but it is the first time I am getting a pro to do it for me.

It is almost similar doing by yourself just that with a pro, the time is takes probably is 5 times lesser, SERIOUSLY!

But let me just share with you a few tips before you head down to the ‘strip club’

  1. Make sure your hair isn’t to short to wax because it will be double or triple the pain when it is longer.
  2. Clean the area of waxing before heading to the club, possible take a shower, all for the sake of hygiene and respect towards the person who is going to wax you!
  3. Make sure your pain threshold is on the on switch if not it would be to late to back off after waxing only 1/3 of the area.
  4. Have a goal in mind. If you consider waxing is should be long term and if possible try out IPL.
  5. Make sure you get a good deal for your future appointment. This way you can save tons of cash!


:: The Red Ribbon ::


One of several meanings that the red ribbon represents is the solidarity of people living with HIV and AIDS. Every 1st of December each year, people worldwide to come together in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. This has been religiously practiced since 1988.

The red ribbon stands for a few things in the awareness of HIV and AIDS namely
  • Care and concern for people living with HIV and those who have
    died from AIDS.
  • Hope in the search for a vaccine and cure.
  • Support for people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.

It is utmost important that the LGBT  community be very aware of this ongoing project by the world. As we know, there has been an increased number of HIV spread among the LGBT community mainly through anal sex. The biology of how this happens is because of unprotected sex. And the intestine being one of the “strong organ” to absorb anything, is one of the ways how HIV virus is being transmitted.

It is understandable that sex without condom can be more pleasurable than with. But the cons here, overweight the pros. So it is advisable to protect yourself regardless of how good it may seem for that short moment of time.

Though with advance medicine that has improved the quality of life for HIV and AIDS sufferers, we should not be ignorant to the fact that HIV and Aids still remains incurable.

It is always important to remind people around us about the practice of safe sex. Though it may become a nag, prevent is better than cure, but in this case cure is far beyond reach.

There is no stronger message to be spread in LGBT month that the awareness of HIV and AIDS. Many people out there who are sufferers, might live life with fear due to the stigma that they receive. But as a society, we should not stigmatize or ostracize  them. Instead, we should show our support and help them along live life as normal as they can each day.

Human beings make mistakes and not matter how fatal the mistakes we make, we should be forgiven.


::25 Reason Why Nurses Should Be Appreciated ::



I am a nurse myself and I can say that I know exactly how if feels like to be an unappreciated figure in the hospital. All we do is rush them to get the answers we want not knowing that you are not the only one they are nursing. But what do we care right. All we know is that we are paying thus, we should get the service.

But it is definitely not fair to us nurses. We sacrifice a lot for our patients and yet, we get shouted at and receive complaints. Our sacrifices sometimes feel that it is not put to justice.

So let us learn to appreciate nurses by first understanding the profession itself.

A nurse as explained by many, is a profession that help to attain, maintain and help patients recover to their optimal health thus, improving their quality of life. So if the families keep bugging and intrude, how can we maximize the care. Yes, it is necessary for family to be involved but not to the extent where they become an liability to the care of their loved ones. Rushing things won’t help because sometimes if you rush, you may miss out certain things. I am not suggesting that the nurses cut some slack. What I am trying to say is, let it run its course. Whatever happens, it happens for a reason and unless the nurses are God there is nothing that they can do if God wants to take someone’s life away.

Wanting to be a nurse is a huge thing. It is not like an ordinary job. They don’t deal with stocks or money, they deal with life. Nursing has always been known as a very noble job behind a doctor. And every doctor out there in the world knows that without a nurse, they can’t function on their daily routine at work.

So the next time you want to go all wacky at a nurse, let me give you 25 reasons why not to.

  1. Nurses sacrifices their meal time to fed hungry patients.
  2. Nurses do not have a holiday on Nurse’s Day where it should be a break for the nurses, just like how teachers get off on Teacher’s Day.
  3. Nurses hold their bladder so that they can attend to their need. This itself is not a very healthy thing but they do it our of selflessness.
  4. Nurses clean your loved ones waste and you say eerrr!
  5. Nurses give up their time to go home early so that they can fully maximize their care for their patients.
  6. Nurses don’t mind looking like a train wreck at work.
  7. Nurses get molested everyday but most of them pretend nothing happened.
  8. Despite getting shouted and scolded at by patients and doctors, nurses still continue caring for their patients because they know that that is the right thing to do.
  9. Nurses are there for you when everyone else ostracize you.
  10. Nurses don’t mind hearing the same story you have to tell her everyday.
  11. Nurses pay are not that high but they work because they know someone out there needs the TLC that they lack.
  12. Nurses are humans too, thus it means they have feelings.
  13. Nurses try to help you in whatever needs you have though they know that they are occupied with a lot of task.
  14. Nurses have more knowledge that doctors in some cases, so learn to trust them.
  15. Nurses have crazy work shifts.
  16. Nurses care for more than one patient and to them every single one of them are important.
  17. Nurses put their life at risk everyday to save another person’s life.
  18. Nurses never give up on a patient.
  19. Nurses are extremely patient.
  20. When you are at home sleeping soundly, a nurse is out there taking care of your sick loved one.
  21. There is little reward for a nurse if she saves a life and the worst part is sometimes she doesn’t get a thank you but just complains of why they let it happen in the first place.
  22. Nurses can’t choose who they are nursing, even if the patient is a serial rapist or murderer, they have to give the optimal care that a human being deserves.
  23. Nurses check on their patients more than they check on their loved ones.
  24. Nurses get hurt each and everyday of their working life but what makes them go on is knowing that they can make one person get back in track, even if it means just the one.
  25. Nurses can quit their job but they don’t do it because they know you won’t have the same amount of courage and strength they have in them to pick up a very noble and tough job.


:: 10 things you shouldn’t do when you get drunk ::

There are probably a few things thing you should consider before you decide to get drunk. It is not like we can’t control ourselves, it is more of a case of going over-board with our drinking.

We just have this mentality that we can control our drinking and we can have more. Well, that is not till we forget everything and wake up the next day with a huge hang over thinking what happen.

Well here are 1o thing we should probably avoid doing when we are drunk to save ourselves from future embarrassment.

1. Calling the ex.

An ex means an ex but it doesn’t stop you from calling them when you are drunk. You feelings happens to be more truthful when you are drunk. That is when you realize that your heart still yearn for your ex. What’s done is done. Calling them when you are drunk makes it more worst and only end up embarrassing you.

2. Recording yourself drunk.

Your friends or you yourself might probably record those drunk moments and upload it up to Youtube and Facebook. Nobody needs to know what a loonatic your are and worst they don’t care!

3. Cell phones

You probably end up  texting everyone in your phone book. Thus, delete contacts you’re likely to harass and remember to write down the numbers so you can re-enter them the next day. Never be to sure that you won’t get drunk because your cell phone is the first thing that you will probably do funny things with.

4. Update a status on your Twitter and Facebook.

Well, this is what we are very guilty of. You are just seeking attention doing this. This do not good to your own reputation, friends might think that you are not a good drinker or that you can’t control yourself.

5. Giving your number to someone “cute”

Everyone is cute and good looking when you are drunk. You will only end up regret giving your number to them and find it hard to avoid them since you already give them the thumbs up.

6. Credit Card.

This is the thing you probably won’t wanna carry with you when you go drinking. When you get drunk, you have no idea what you are buying and who you are buying it for. You just end up charging everything on your card and get a shock when the statement comes at the end of the month. Thus, bring a reasonable among of cash you know can last you for that drinking session.

7. Changing your password.

Don’t don’t resort to this. You will end up forgetting the changed password and with no memory of retrieving it back. Worst if that particular app or website only gives a few tries to get you logged in.

8. Dancing. 

Well it is one way to drain of the alcohol but it is not a safe way to do it. You might end you falling down and be an obstruction to others on the dance floor. You might also loose your belongs, as pickpocket targets those who are drunk!

9. Going to work. 

You would probably plan to have a day off before you decide to go drinking the day before. You don’t want to end up screwing up at work and losing focus.

10. Talking to people.

My last advice is don’t talk to strangers and especially those you know and is close to. You might end you being too truthful and end up getting hated!


:: Out of sorts – 10 signs that you are suffering from depression ::

When you start realizing that you are out of sorts, that when you should be wary. You might be suffering from depression. It doesn’t mean that you are crazy, it simply mean that you are having problems coping due to stress.

Depression has many levels and depending on those levels, the amount of resources you will require to overcome it. Many of us are too busy with our daily routines, that we do not realize that the activity that we are engaging in everyday is the one that is causing the depression.

What is worst is that we do not notice that we have put a rest on other activities and just  focusing on just the one stressful activity. Put an example studying. You are to focus on it that it drives you nuts but yet you keep doing it and not letting yourself relax.

The symptoms are pretty obvious but we do not notice it because we do not want to admit that we are depressed or we might think that this is a normality. Depression has a major risk of suicide, thus if you know of someone who might be suffering from it, approach him/her quickly and direct them for help to professionals.

Here are 10 signs which indicates that you are suffering from depression.

1. Loss of interest.

The first and most obvious sign a person is depressed is the loss of interest in daily activities. You will simply loss interest in doing things, even those that you seem to enjoy.You will feel fatigued, sluggish, and physically drained. Be wary of this sign and break off from the activity that is causing the loss of interest.

Most common people who suffer from this are one who just had a bad break up. Stop focusing on the unpleasent event and place you interest on something or someone new, thus the stress will go away.

2. Indecisiveness.

You will become very indecisive even with things that you normally can decide on the spot. You are more cautious and you start questioning yourself decision a lot before you finally deciding on it. This indecisiveness might haunt you because even after you made the decision you will tend to want to take it back and think over and over again despite knowing that the outcome would ultimately be the same.

You somehow are afraid that your decision might be wrong though the one you made is actually the right one.

3. Self-loathing.

You will devolop strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt. You harshly criticize yourself for perceived faults and mistakes. Blaming becomes you new daily acitivity.

You need to understand that mishaps do happen to everyone and that we were put in that situation so that we can come out gaining something from it. By continuing blaming yourself, you will feel even more worthless and guilt.


Your whole body may feel heavy, and even small tasks are exhausting or take longer to complete. Even with proper amount of rest, you don’t seem to feel rejuvinated and time seems to pass slower than it normally does.


You level of tolerance becomes slimmer when you are depressed. You can’t even seem to take jokes. Everything you do seems to annoy and piss you. You will start getting angry and blame those who are innocent.

6.Loss of motivation.

Your motivation level seems to decrease. You see things in a very negative way. To you, nothing will ever get better and there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation. Not doing or trying is the best solution you have for yourself when you are depressed.

7. Change in sleeping pattern.

This is a common sign. Your sleep seems to always be interrupted. You start having nightmares or even dreams of your daily acitivity that is causing you to be depressed.

8.Loss or increase of appetite.

You eat less or more depending on how you deal with your depression. Food that you find joy and pleasure consuming seems not to give you the same taste again. For those who have an increase of appetite, you will eat though you are full and even eat food that you normally find distasteful. You will find that you start losing or gaining weight and this will start bothering you but you don’t seem to notice that what is casuing the problem is the lack of proper meal or over eating.

9. Decrease in concentration level.

You will find it difficult concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions than you normally do. Even the tiniest of things will cause your concentrtion to snap. You memory capacity seems to have somehow decrease and you can’t take in a load of stuff that you normally can handle.

10. Engaging in risky behaviours.

This is the most dangerous of all. You will start engaging in risky behaviors like attempting suicide, cutting yourself or overdosing. This comes due to suicidal thoughts that you might have. Approach someone quickly for help if you notice that someone is harming themselves.