:: Should Singaporean Women Be Made To Serve NS? ::

I gues the topic on ” Should Singaporean Women Be Made To Serve NS?”, have been roaming around the country for years and years now since national service was made mandatory for male citizens in the country.

So the discussion of this particular topic include the follwing three question;

1) Should they be given a choice to serve?
2) What is the appropriate length of service?
3) What kind of combat/non-combat roles can they suitably fill?

Let us discuss these question carefully.

1) Should they be given a choice to serve?

I feel that this question is a bit redundant isn’t it. I am not being a sexist but if a male isn’t given any choice at all if he should or should not serve, why should a female right?

I mean we fight so much for equal gender rights in the country, yet when it comes to certain matters like serving the nation as a form of preperation when a war strike, it becomes a topic of debate.

I strongly feel that the government should review their mandatory policy for the sake of the citizens of the country. And since we are following the concept of Israel military, I guess it is just right to let the women do their part for the country too.

I mean, we can go deeper into questioning the government, why aren’t the foreigners made to serve the nation, since they are the one contributing to most of the population head counts in the country. But today, we are not here to discuss that as it isn’t the main focus.

2) What is the appropriate length of service?

The appropriate length of service has a pretty simple answer to it. Serve the same amount as the males. I mean since the men of the country can spare almost 2 years of their life truly focusing on the safety and proctetion of the country, why can’t women put in the same amount of effort?

I myself serve the complete duration I was enlisted for and honestly I learnt a lot. During your national service, it is not all about safe guarding the country and what you do if a war strikes. It also helps you build yourself as a person. How you relate to your peers and collegues. And most importantly, how to work with very diffucult people. These are certain skills you will take ages to master out there in the working world. But in the service, training is free, and you will notice within the short span of time you are in the force, you become a stronger and more capable person in handling difficult people and situations. You wonder why right? It is simple because in the national service hireachy is put into place and is abide to very closely. Unlike the working world, we can just dump out shit onto the CEO’s desk!

They have their own sets of laws that will be put into play when a crime is committed. We don’t need a lawyer for it to sit do and all the investigations, they have list and if your actions of the crime you committed happens to appear in the list, then you are guilty, no matter what you plea.

3) What kind of combat/non-combat roles can they suitably fill?

This is another question that has a simple solution to it. There are like tons of units in all the different area be it in the Army, Airforce, Navy, Police or Civil Defence.

There are plenty of clerical roles and sits that the females can fill in if they strongly feel that women don’t have to be a combatant.

But then we go back again to explore the unfairness in this situtation. Why is it that the females are ok to be physically and mentally challenged during their school days joining co-cirriculum clubs like NPCC and NCC? But when they become adults, they become weaker in both aspects. Shouldn’t it be the other way round? You get stronger as you reach adulthood.

I mean it is just like doing PE in school. Just for 3 months and after that you can basically for on the unit your are in. And trust me, you won’t be doing a lot either. All you do mostly is guide the new batches of trainees.

So with the 3 questions answered, I guess we see now why many are angered about this situation. But honestly the citizens of Singapore, including myself, has become more angry because we feel that NS has lost its meaning when the foreigners and PRs’ population are greater than Singaporean. An also we feel that we are currently fighting to protect the foreigners instead of Singaporean. I believe this topic will brought up more frequent when Singaporeans realize that they are getting lesser than what the foreigners are getting.



:: The Endless Battle Of Section 377A ::



The current battle to legalize male gay sex. Let us understand a few things before we go ahead and pursue this topic shall we.

The Singapore law has and for many years criminalize male gay sex. But the fact that it still occurs, means that the government is giving it to the gay community. What I meant is that they don’t criminalize if you do it in public. And it has been that way for many years.

The one many reason for this constant battle includes one  charged of two men for allegedly having oral sex in a public toilet’s locked cubicle. But of course these men deserve to be charged. Having sex in public, especially public toilet, is an act of gross indecency itself. It is disrespectful not only to the toilet uses but to the gay community. These two men have put shame to the gay community by telling the society that gay men resort to public toilet to have sex because there are not private place to do it.

Being gay myself, I am not for  legalizing section 377A. I mean the law has been there for years but the fact that many gay men has not been charged for having gay sex in privacy, just shows that the section is only applicable for sex in public. I mean there are many gay saunas in Singapore and if Section 377A  is strictly adhere to, many gay men would have been charged on a daily basis for having gay sex. The fact that it doesn’t happen, just shows how lenient the Singapore government is in the case of section 377A.

The government should be applaud for their efforts to retain the law because it  seeks to protect society at large. By legalizing section 377A, we are allowing those sex predators to hunt on young boys. Yes, it is illegal and chargeable to have sex with a minor but gay men will find an excuse later if we legalize section 377A now.

As a society, we should uphold this law. Not only for the benefit of our children but as a society as a whole. We don’t want to wake up one day and realized that there is a new ‘gay law’ imposed at work. It is what it is. The LGBT society should be thankful that the Singapore government have been lenient all these years.

If they weren’t, all the gay pubs, clubs and saunas would not exist. Be grateful and thankful.

Just be you and do whatever you want to , as long as it is in your own private space.  No one is going to condemn you for that. Let’s  stop demanding others having to accept it as the norm. This whole battle is a message to the society , not only the gay people, to behave when you are in the presence of others especially in public.


:: LGBT Month ! ::



As we know, Ergocakes is doing a special this month on the LGBT world. I will base my context mostly of it in Singapore, reason being  that I live here.

I will talk about awares of safe for LGBT people, their rights, places to hang out and centres to approach.

It will be a fun one month I believe. Being identified as a LGBT myself, I am happy to finally be able to share my thoughts about the topics.

Do share with me your thoughts too.


:: The Bitch ::


The Bitch is a significant person in our circle of friends. How can we give them a miss right. It may be a boy or a girl, irregardless, they are fun to have. It is always  fun to have someone bitchy in the click. The Bitch normally has never any kind words to say about anyone, well except you of course.

They are make themselves look like a clown when they are being about someone wicked. They are also the ones who are likely to cheer you up when you are down.

The good thing about a bitch is that they can run solo. They are always driven to do something and will least likely to disappoint you when they commit on something. They are seen as God and Goddess by many. They are truly envied by many because of their beauty. They are many self proclaim bitches. Get it right if you want to be know as the bitch, you must first be good-looking. If you are not, mostly probably you are a tramp who is trying too hard.

The bitch is cool and outgoing and you can definitely count on them to run a mean plan. If you are looking for a person with determination, look up to The Bitch because they got strong determination to achieve what they want in life.

Of course there are the negative points about the bitches but we all know too well what they are. If they can be catty with you don’t bother counting on them not to be catty about you behind your back. At times, they can go over board with what they say and thus hurt others.

But hey, we always need a good and bad person in a group and friends and we should be thankful that The Bitch has agreed on taking the role of the bad person. Nonetheless, we should appreciate and respect them for what they are.


:: Would you rather have Passion or Friendship?



The choice of passion or friendship is one of the hardest choice we possibly make. The question is, which decision will lead us to a better end?

Passion can come from many different roads. And yet it will have one end, you. Whereas, friendship comes from you and will lead to many different roads.

Friendship is hard to develop because it doesn’t happen overnight. We start off as strangers and slowly we develop a connection. Passion in comparison, is ignite by a drive in us. This ca happen overnight. Say for example you never touch or played tennis before; then one day you went for a tennis lesson, you immediately fall in love with the sport and can’t wait to go back for another lesson. The sudden spark is where your passion for tennis begins. Like they say, you suddenly for love, now that’s passion.

But when passion dies off, it will take a period of time to realize that ” I am not into this anymore”. Friendship can die off instantly once something turns sour. We don’t want to take time to think it over, if possible we want to end it there and then. But the difference between passion and friendship is that passion is like a hobby you can also pick up something new. Whereas friendship, it involves trust and a lot of feelings, just like a vase once broken may when put back together will never be the same again.

My point of sharing today is, to answer the question of how do we fulfill our passion and still hold on to our friendship? Do we give up our friendship just to get that promotion because we are so passionate about our job? Do we neglect life when we are too engrossed with ourselves.

Well the answer is simple. We should divide our attention to every little detail in life. That way we can keep doing what we want and realized that when we are done with whatever it is we are so in love with, we still have other things in life waiting for us.


::The Reasons For Thank You::


The reasons for saying thank you has many of its own reasons.

It maybe to end a conversation or one to acknowledge an action be it pleasant or not. It is very interesting to know why we say it. It is rather more interesting to know what brings out this action of saying thank you.

There was an incident I saw once at a boutique. This lady was trying out some gown for her coming dinner and dance party. But no matter which outfit she chose, it does seem to match her. And so she thank the sales assistant. I wondered why she thanked the sales assistant since she didn’t managed to find a suitable outfit for her to where. Then I realized after much validation that, the reason for saying thank you was coming from the fact that the girl tried so hard to get a suitable outfit for the lady. And even though the result is not a pleasant one, the effort she had put it was worthy of a compliment and acknowledgement.

Then, there was another incident I encountered at a taxi stand. An Asian couple cut the queue of another Asian couple in front. When the couple who cut the queue was being confronted by the other Asian couple, he simply say thank you and continued to get the cab. This thank you is a form of ignorance. They did it just to end the conversation. Well don’t be surprise that a thank you can also be of a selfish act.

There are many other forms of thank you but let me share with you one last one. The thank you of thank you. It is when we thank a person for saying thank you. This is where both party are acknowledge their respect for each other. For example, mum thank me for the effort I put in for making dinner and I thank her back for noticing my efforts.

This are the simply acts of thank you we encounter every. Bug do we bother validating it? We we don’t, then why bother saying it? Just to give ourselves so comfort and reassurance?

So the next fine you find a reason to say thank you, validate the action first. If not it becomes meaningless.


:: Understanding Your Destiny ::



There is a big mystery in life that introduces us to some experiences and people but not to others. There is a meaninng in what we encounter, and that we don’t. We don’t live in a totally random life full of choas and incidents that are slung together without any real intention. We don’t have to resolve all the problems or try so hard to make things work.

We need though to discover what we are magnetizing, and what it is about us that keeps pulling in or pushing away a particular situation.

Once is chance, twice is coincidence, thre times is an enemy action. Meaning there is something going on in your unconscious  state that invites this pattern whether you realize it or not. You might be busy telling yourself and your friends that you’re really looking for love, but deep down you are attracted to the lack of love that you have experienced before.

We need to understand the effect our upbringing had on us. The key decision is made in the first five minutes, even though you might spend half an hour discussiong about it.

It pays to be aware of what you are thinking at all times.