:: The Short Getaway ::



Hey everyone, hope you are all doing great. I felt a little wozzy waking up today but now I feel slightly better.

Anyway as I promised I will share with you the short trip I had to Batam. It is my second time there, the first time was back in Poly but it wasn’t as great. I went with Adrian, we just had to get away from the city. So we paid $88 for a package on Groupon. It wasn’t all too bad. It include 2 -way ferry and land transfer, hotels , half-day tour, full-body massage and seafood lunch.



We started the tour by visiting a cholocate outlet. It was so cool, the had all types of chocolate that I have never seen in Singapore. I bought 4 different flavours, durian, strawberry, jackfruit and banana! I love durian the most because it is something new that I have yet to try before.

We proceed to visit the biggest temple in Batam. I was like a country pumpkin. Running around like a little kid! I love the part where I could pick a stick to see my fortune. I should have asked for something instead of just taking it with plain thoughts. But the results we just what I expected, so nothing surprising there!

We continued the tour by visit a few more outlet factories which sold food and clothes before we proceed on with our massage. Must I say it was scary. Obviously because I just had my surgery so I feared something might go wrong. But the massuer was great. Moreover he was curious with the metal on my collar that he keep touching it. I would give the massge a 7/10.

We continued the last part of the tour at a mall where we could go shopping. Adrain bought his liquor and I bought hmm I think 2 soccer Jerseys. Yeah it was one Arsenal and the other Chelsea! My two favourite team.



We proceed to our hotel. it was pretty empty I guess because it was a monday. It looks very much like a cabin, ones you have in the US for summer vacations. The whole feel of the place was just so refreshing. The only down side of thewhole hotel/ resort is the pool. It is really dirty! They could at least use chlorine water instead of just sea water eww!. The room is cosy. Perfect for a couple who are looking for a short getaway but too bad I was with Adrian, no romance there haha!

We proceed for dinner since we didn’t want to go out to the main city. I keep forcing Adrian to drink the juices because it is so cheap! We had a h2h about life. I guess it is just what we need a time alone somewhere to let it all out. I hope for Adrian’s sake he feels a lot better after the trip minus the flu bug!

Well that was bascially what happen during the shorty trip. I wished I could share you with more detail but I am not really feel well.

But for sure when I get better I will tell you more, especially for my year end trip!




:: :) ::


Hey I hope everyone is doing great!

Sorry I have not been blogging as much the past few days. I have not been feeling really well and was very occupied with work. But I did take a short vacation last week which I will share about on another post.

I hope for a speedy recovery!


:: HBP ::


HBP= Hig Blood Pressure!

Before I go on, mind my language! 😀

No, I am don’t have this chronic illness but I have a chronic impatient temper when it comes to jerks!

I understand if you want to be discreet and want to have a fake name but fucking please remember what is the fake name you have for yourself. There was this stupid moron from a certain country who I must add is over populating Singapore, not a China national today thank god if not I would literally commit suicide, who can’t remember his name. Oh did you come to Singapore with a fake ID then! Such an asshole who doesn’t remember his own fake identity.

Might as well go around town wearing a paper bag to cover your fucking face if you are too embarrassed to be gay!


:: 1-2-3 ::

So the first 3 days of the week went rather fun but Wednesday ended very bad.

First I must say my left shoulder is finally getting back some sensation. Thus, I can feel a little bit more pain. And like I say I feel that my implant is outta place.

I finally did my first DIY furniture! It’s been a while. But it was all worth it. I mean considering my lack of power on my left arm it turned out pretty good!


It was a long and tiring 3 days at work. And we had a lot of arguments and misunderstanding with Besmond. I don’t understand why he doesn’t just want to listen to us when we are offering help. It is like me going ”Hey take my Kidney!” for if he had a kidney failure. So fustrating I felt like slapping his face yesterday especially when me and Adrian we trying to help him out and he just pushed us aside!

Ahh! Enough of the bad things, I at least have one good thing to make me smile! My order from the UK finally reached my mailbox!


Finally after a week of waiting!


:: Red Alert ::





So I was chatting with a friend the other day and it brought out a discovery. Well, thank God he did if not I wouldnt have an extra topic to write about.

I must first say I am very happy and at the same time freaked!

Finally someone decided to make a fake!


A few info is wrong. Where I am from, my job!

Very insluting I must say! If you want to fake it at least make it look believable!

Anyway below is the stalker!





:: 21 ::



Today, the day started really early. Not that I had anything particular to do in the morning but because I slept early last night as I wasn’t feeling too good. I woke up to a very nice weather at about 7am and how I wished I could continue on sleeping but my body just didn’t allow me to do that.

I decided to call Adrian at about 930am because we had to collect of tickets for Batam at Square 2. But he didn’t pick up. He woke up eventually and we set to meet at 12pm. I reached Novena first. So instead of waiting for him to come, I decided to head to the Travel agency first. Sadly we missed out the part on where we had to email some other shit agency before we could actually redeem the damn thing.

Ouh well, lesson learnt. I mean there has been a lot of lessons learnt lately for me. Which is a good thing!

So I decided to ask Adrian to meet at Chinatown so we can have lunch before BlackJack MONDAY!

So I boarded the train, which is not very often in the past 2 years. I decided to take notice of people footwear and I saw this lady standing in front of me wearing a major shoe. I should say I loved it a lot!



The day ended rather normal. Me heading to the gym to exercise my lower limbs and do the upper limbs as per suggested by my Doctors and Physio. But I am worried now!

My collar looks like something is protruding out! I guess I will wait to see what is up when I go for my X-ray next week. I mean I shouldn’t be worried right? Since I don’t feel much pain.




:: Movie Date 020813 ::

It was a very long day yesterday. Met up with the Doctors to remove my stitches and then took over Sebas till 11pm. But hey better than wasting time at home.


Anyway decided to head out for a movie with Besmond after work. Poor boy always getting bullied at work. I don’t understand how some people can be so mean. People already hate you and yet you are building up the hatred towards yourself.

I mean whatever, I can’t be bothered with some people anymore. I am already going through a lot in my life and I don’t need to add in extra dram into my life.

Anyway, back to the movie. We went The Wolverine since Bes was scared that he can’t sleep if we were to watch The Conjuring haha! How cute!


Well this is my review for Wolverine. I will make it short because there is not much to it.

Firstly, the story line makes little sense. I know right don’t most movies these days. Very little action. Honestly there was no particular part in the movie where you would be waiting to jump off your seat because it was gonna excite you. I mean I love the whole Asian kickass action going on, it reminds me of Ada Wong in Resident Evil. But there is much to it after that. I mean are they mutants? And what Mariko after that insect thing was injected to her.

See that is the problem with movies these day, they focus so much in sequels that they forget to elaborate on certain characters.

Oh well with that I should say that there is at least one thing I love about the movie and that is the character Yukio. I love the hair and the actions in the movie. It was better than the main character!




Viper and Wolverine.

I would rate The Wolverine 3.5/10. Very very disappointing indeed!