:: That Bright Smile ::



My friend were texting me today.

They asked me how is it that I am so cheerful despite what has happen.

Simply. When you learn that you can’t do anything about the past, you learn to see the brighter side of life.

That moment is already long gone.

Yeah lawsuits and all will come.

But what matters the most is that, you don’t let that negative moment impact the resty of your life.

I can honestly admit, I cried, I felt lost and depressed.

But now I know that I have to move forward with my life.

Putting my life on halt for something like this will not benefit me or anyone around me.

So why am I still so cheerful.

Because I am thankful and grateful that I am still alive!



:: Top 10 Regrets ::


Since I type has become difficult, I hope doing a video on my thoughts would help.


:: Footprints ::


Quitting means having to stop.

Imagine yourself walking in a dessert or coastline.

Turn around and look at all your footprints.

Is it worth it to quit knowing you have already left a million footprints.

The one main reason we always quit is because of the fire or passion that has died off.

Find it again.

Ignite that flame and complete the journey you started.


:: Silence ::


I was once so paranoid that I didn’t leave my room for 3 days.

But I realized it drove me crazy.

Not the locking myself up in my room part but the silence.

I realized the only way I could feel better was to break free from the four walls of my room.

Silence don’t cure psychological disturbance but it is the buzz of life which does.