:: Because of you ::



So I sit here,



I thought I finally made it,

I thought I finally got it right this time,

But I never thought it could be so wrong.

I see you,



heart filled with warmth,

with love.

Here I am because of you,

sitting alone,

clouded by my own shadow,

my own bleeding heart,

my own heart break.

Because the day you promised to love,

I trusted you.

Because of you,

I am lost,

right in front of you.




:: Dr Cosmetic ::

What a day! A fucking tiring day!

How much longer can we do this?

Breathe! 4 more months and this misery is over!

Our moods so sunken, like a capsized canoe that slowly sinks into the deep river water. 2 more hours of listening to some shit crap lecture. A consultant. Come on how young can this dude be and how hot can he look. Oh boy were we in for a surprise.

As our last tutorial comes to an end, as usual most of us were mentally drifted away, we head to the next room for our last lecture of the day. One that would raise eyebrows, especially when we were going to listen to yet another interesting topic in Plastic Surgery. And yes, the picture of the morning lecture was still stamped in my mind. Penis, why wouldn’t it.

The clock strikes 2 and the speaker came in. Boy, are you kidding me. He looks younger than his name some. Extremely nerdy still with his name tag on. And then he lifts his head and smiled and at me as I walked in to find my seat. Oh my! I am definitely going to be awake in this one!

I was sitting parallel to him. God damn my classmates, must they leave me in this awkward place. How can I now lose my focus and secretly enjoy reading my book!


And he begins his lecture, greeting us with his oh so sexy bedroom voice. Most of us quietly melt. Most of us, hitching a smile. Oh how a sexy voice can kill.

As he talked and me clearly upset that now I can’t enjoy being naughty ready my book, our eyes occasionally meets.

Question time! I was first up, not surprising. As he talked all I could catch was ‘mamamamama’. What the fuck! Did he even answer my not so curious question? I text our groupchat and with quick response my friend replied what he just said.

An hour later, it was over! Yes! Home now!

We poured out some last few personal questions about plastic surgery. Most of it he just brush with a smile and a short giggle. Then I asked him. His eyes never leaving me as he was answering my question. This time, I got him, word for word. Suddenly he hit me with a personal question. Gosh in front of everyone are you serious! I blush and quickly brushed aside his curiosity stating that the question was for a friend.

And with awkward silence, we ended the day but knowing this wouldn’t be the last of our eyes burning encounter.


:: 5 steps ahead ::

I wonder if this is the right thing to do.

I am leaving behind the pain, the laughters, my life;

In hope for a better one across those waters.

I look into the eyes of the little ones and I know this is something they just don’t understand now…

So what do I tell them then….

But the biggest worry is….what do I have left to tell myself then…


:: Dream Diary : Mystique ::


I lost to her in battle, twice.

We had a carnival that night and she was in the other team.

It was raining and it was night time.

My team won the challenge.

We jumped in joy to celebrate of victory.

As we were jumping, she saw me.

Challenged me once again.

Maybe it was the darkness that gave me the courage.

Though I wasn’t ready, I took up her challenge.

My mind was working at almost 10 times it normal battle mode capacity.

On the night of the carnival, I somehow knew how I was going to defeat her.

We had to race through an obstacle course and then head to the 25th floor to get a necklace.

Only on the 25th floor were we allowed to begin killing mode.

Killing mode means fight till one is down and the last one standing heads to the finish with the necklace to claim victory.

This time around, I changed the way I went up.

Instead of rushing up the lift, like we always do, I took some stuff up with me.

There was no rule in the books that say we couldn’t.

That was the first step of change I had to defeat her.

I gave her a couple extra time to get ahead but this time when she made her move I would be ready.

I stopped at level 23, made my way up but I was surprise I didn’t see her.

After grabbing whole of the necklace, I head back down.

I didn’t just race down, I wanted to go up, face her.

And so I did.

Somehow she read my mind and waited for me.

But she didn’t read deep enough.

We fought, I kicked her to the side.

Press the button, blocked her exit.

No I didn’t pin her down till I was the last one standing, I just changed the way we fought and that’s how I won….


:: Don’t Stop ::

Sometimes God put us on a very tough road only because he believes we can make it.

It is hard I will admit.

But it doesn’t mean we should put everything in our lives on hold just to end that struggle.

In fact we should carry all those other struggles we have because we should know that God wouldn’t put us where we are, like I said in the beginning , if he didn’t have any faith in us.


Singapore’s Most Enduring Ghost Stories

:: Loves it! ::

Remember Singapore

The smoke from the burning of incense, the noise of the busy getai and wayang, and the offerings by the roadsides tell us that the annual Hungry Ghost Festival is here. According to the Chinese beliefs, the first day of the seventh Lunar month signals the opening of the “Gates of Hell”. The festival, practised by many local Chinese, has been a traditional custom in Singapore and Malaysia for decades.

In addition to The Top 10 Haunted Places in Singapore, RemSG sorts out Singapore’s 11 Most Enduring Local Ghost Stories, or at least in the past 30-odd years, where these hugely popular stories were passed down word-by-word and generation-by-generation. While some of the stories may have become over-exaggerated, others are favourite topics in chit-chat sessions or chalets. But one thing for sure, these favourite ghost stories will not go away easily in the next decade or so.


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:: Memoirs Of The Boy In Green – Chapter 8 : Week 6 Of 9 ::


We had a well rested weekend book out rest. I finally took the courage to tell my buddy what I did during the SIT test in the middle of the night while everyone was a sleep. I peed at the tree beside our tent haha!!

We were laughing about it. Of course his first reaction was, ‘WHAT THE F@#$!’. But it was all so funny. I mean you expect me, the princess wannabe, to walk 10 tents away about 100 metres to the laterin! No way. I was gonna burst anytime and the tree seemed a perfect location at that point of time. And so we moved on from the joke I had to share with him.

We sleep fairly well but before we did we prepared ourselves to go for the urban operations. And of all the boys I was chosen to be the Platoon I/C for the week. Gosh didn’t I just do this I thought. And my commander was like I haven’t seen you lead before. I gave him the look of ” Maybe you need to up your spectacle degree dude!!”. I mean whatever. I took it up.

It was fun the next day. We headed out with the weather telling us it wasn’t going to be an all that sunny day. But we were lucky the weather didn’t really come in till mid through the ops.

Now let me tell you about the amazing journey we had towards the area. As usual we we drove to a silent empty room. An island that is abandon. The only buzzling jolt of the area are mostly from nature itself. We finally pass through the entrance of where we would gather for the breifing.

It was an abandon town, built specially for the usage and to act as a urban area for our training purpose. Of course, it was the first for almost everyone of us. You can just here the curious whispers of the people you. Making small jokes about the names of the shop that were given.

We took off a few minutes after the breifing and after we did our water parade. Our journey include an amazing abandon Palm platation. Probably the last in Singapore. I was just truly amazing. I never have been to or seen one in Singapore. And then we headed to the real training ground. Nothing really special though. Just the same as the first point. Just more run down and lots of graffities.

I mean of course you would go around reading almost all of them. I mean there were lots of goods and bads. But I guess the whole point of graffiti is to ink out memories of a certain moment.

And as the storm slowly weathered in, we had a little celebration again for our OC. The commanders got cakes and we the recruits got Barley drinks as a treat. It was good enough I guess.

The week was fairly short as we got back the lost days for training as Off-in-lieu. We did somehow did a lot of reflection on how the training was thus far and what we where we see ourselves for the remaining time in NS. Well I had my goals but some are just not meant to be.

Book out was becoming less more of what we were looking forward to as we all started to bond, we felt that staying together a bit longer wouldn’t kill. And knowing grenade throwing was coming up on our next book in, anticipation of what was coming keep us not wanting to let each other go.