:: Dr Cosmetic ::

What a day! A fucking tiring day!

How much longer can we do this?

Breathe! 4 more months and this misery is over!

Our moods so sunken, like a capsized canoe that slowly sinks into the deep river water. 2 more hours of listening to some shit crap lecture. A consultant. Come on how young can this dude be and how hot can he look. Oh boy were we in for a surprise.

As our last tutorial comes to an end, as usual most of us were mentally drifted away, we head to the next room for our last lecture of the day. One that would raise eyebrows, especially when we were going to listen to yet another interesting topic in Plastic Surgery. And yes, the picture of the morning lecture was still stamped in my mind. Penis, why wouldn’t it.

The clock strikes 2 and the speaker came in. Boy, are you kidding me. He looks younger than his name some. Extremely nerdy still with his name tag on. And then he lifts his head and smiled and at me as I walked in to find my seat. Oh my! I am definitely going to be awake in this one!

I was sitting parallel to him. God damn my classmates, must they leave me in this awkward place. How can I now lose my focus and secretly enjoy reading my book!


And he begins his lecture, greeting us with his oh so sexy bedroom voice. Most of us quietly melt. Most of us, hitching a smile. Oh how a sexy voice can kill.

As he talked and me clearly upset that now I can’t enjoy being naughty ready my book, our eyes occasionally meets.

Question time! I was first up, not surprising. As he talked all I could catch was ‘mamamamama’. What the fuck! Did he even answer my not so curious question? I text our groupchat and with quick response my friend replied what he just said.

An hour later, it was over! Yes! Home now!

We poured out some last few personal questions about plastic surgery. Most of it he just brush with a smile and a short giggle. Then I asked him. His eyes never leaving me as he was answering my question. This time, I got him, word for word. Suddenly he hit me with a personal question. Gosh in front of everyone are you serious! I blush and quickly brushed aside his curiosity stating that the question was for a friend.

And with awkward silence, we ended the day but knowing this wouldn’t be the last of our eyes burning encounter.



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