:: T-shirt ::


It was everything he ever wanted.

But somehow when he could finally live that life, fear creeps in.

The story began like this.

There was a boy living a tough life, well at least by the standards of his society.

Somehow he survived all those battles in his young life.

And when the day came that he finally grew up to become a man, everyone around him changed too.

The way people talked to him, smiled to him, laughed with him….

And this made the boy wonder.

Was I not deserving all these treatments when I was so much younger?

If I did, would my life have been any different today?

And so as he picked up the last t-shirt he wanted to put on his bag, where he had made plans years ago to leave, he paused for a moment.

And in that moment where he paused, he saw his life past by him.

He saw the young boy who cry behind closed door each night.

The boy who could only only seek comfort from a plush toy.

A boy who was screaming in pain from the beating he got.

And when he snap back to reality, something stopped him.

Somehow something stopped him from putting that last piece of shirt into the bag.

A task so simple.

But would be a simple task that would be a live changer.

He thought to himself, if he did put the t-shirt into the bag and zipped it, carried it and walked out the front door, there was going to be a life, a life that he could have saved.

And he stop.

He put back the t-shirt into this closet.

Unpacked everything.

Just like that, he saw his dreams fly pass him.

Yeah, indeed he was upset, disappointed, he felt as if his stomach was eating his intestines.

But he thought to himself for no one was there for him then, but for a child under the same roof, he will be.



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