Singapore’s Most Enduring Ghost Stories

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Remember Singapore

The smoke from the burning of incense, the noise of the busy getai and wayang, and the offerings by the roadsides tell us that the annual Hungry Ghost Festival is here. According to the Chinese beliefs, the first day of the seventh Lunar month signals the opening of the “Gates of Hell”. The festival, practised by many local Chinese, has been a traditional custom in Singapore and Malaysia for decades.

In addition to The Top 10 Haunted Places in Singapore, RemSG sorts out Singapore’s 11 Most Enduring Local Ghost Stories, or at least in the past 30-odd years, where these hugely popular stories were passed down word-by-word and generation-by-generation. While some of the stories may have become over-exaggerated, others are favourite topics in chit-chat sessions or chalets. But one thing for sure, these favourite ghost stories will not go away easily in the next decade or so.


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