:: One Morning ::


I remember getting up one morning, I was so happy and pumped up to go to work.

You know that feeling you get once in a blue moon?

Well Ihad that.

And I remembered thinking to myself,

“Wow so this is what it feels like to wake up to a job you love!”

And the day went on as well as I would expected it to be, perhaps more.

Then it rained.

And I ended work with a smile.

It never occured to me that, that moment I just experienced, was perhaps the last of normality.

Things happened.

In just a mere 10 minutes, my life changed.

Perhaps I should have slowed down.

Perhaps I should have stayed a bit longer to prolong that feeling of joy.

But something stopped me from doing all that.

Somehow this path has been choosen for me.

So for now, I shall wait again for that one morning.



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