:: The Forgotten ::

It is funny to think we always forget about the real issue.

A child who grows up to be a rebel is seen as bad nuturing from their parents.

But what if it wasn’t bad parenting?

What if it was pain he suffered from school?

You see, people keep assuming so many things in life.

We only choose to believe what the naked eyes shows us.

When we say, ” I know you are going through a lot of pain right now “,

I would tell you that you are full of shit!

Are you screaming because you are in pain?

You see when we choose to comfort someone, we again forget what the real issue is.

It is about the story.

Not just the current emotion he or she is feeling and going through.

To fully understand what he/she is going through, never forget what led him/her to the current state.

Mkie.abandoned car


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