:: The Short Getaway ::



Hey everyone, hope you are all doing great. I felt a little wozzy waking up today but now I feel slightly better.

Anyway as I promised I will share with you the short trip I had to Batam. It is my second time there, the first time was back in Poly but it wasn’t as great. I went with Adrian, we just had to get away from the city. So we paid $88 for a package on Groupon. It wasn’t all too bad. It include 2 -way ferry and land transfer, hotels , half-day tour, full-body massage and seafood lunch.



We started the tour by visiting a cholocate outlet. It was so cool, the had all types of chocolate that I have never seen in Singapore. I bought 4 different flavours, durian, strawberry, jackfruit and banana! I love durian the most because it is something new that I have yet to try before.

We proceed to visit the biggest temple in Batam. I was like a country pumpkin. Running around like a little kid! I love the part where I could pick a stick to see my fortune. I should have asked for something instead of just taking it with plain thoughts. But the results we just what I expected, so nothing surprising there!

We continued the tour by visit a few more outlet factories which sold food and clothes before we proceed on with our massage. Must I say it was scary. Obviously because I just had my surgery so I feared something might go wrong. But the massuer was great. Moreover he was curious with the metal on my collar that he keep touching it. I would give the massge a 7/10.

We continued the last part of the tour at a mall where we could go shopping. Adrain bought his liquor and I bought hmm I think 2 soccer Jerseys. Yeah it was one Arsenal and the other Chelsea! My two favourite team.



We proceed to our hotel. it was pretty empty I guess because it was a monday. It looks very much like a cabin, ones you have in the US for summer vacations. The whole feel of the place was just so refreshing. The only down side of thewhole hotel/ resort is the pool. It is really dirty! They could at least use chlorine water instead of just sea water eww!. The room is cosy. Perfect for a couple who are looking for a short getaway but too bad I was with Adrian, no romance there haha!

We proceed for dinner since we didn’t want to go out to the main city. I keep forcing Adrian to drink the juices because it is so cheap! We had a h2h about life. I guess it is just what we need a time alone somewhere to let it all out. I hope for Adrian’s sake he feels a lot better after the trip minus the flu bug!

Well that was bascially what happen during the shorty trip. I wished I could share you with more detail but I am not really feel well.

But for sure when I get better I will tell you more, especially for my year end trip!




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