:: Dead Things ::


I am sick of not being happy with my life.

I feel so dead each day but I am not.

I have so many things around me to appreciate and I find it stupid to just throw it all away.

I think the problem I face is, I am not living live to the fullest or at least the way it should be lived.

I am too afraid to takes chances or make any major changes.

I need to change this mindset.

I need to one day look back and have no regrets!

I need to one day tell people in my future the things I did instead of what I didn’t.

And so what if I got rejected a couple of time?

It just means that it wasn’t meant to be.

The time is not right, the guy isn’t right for me.

One day, I hope to wake up from the dead things that live within me.

One day…..



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