:: Top 5 Kuih Raya ::

I just love festive season because of the food! What is different about the festive season compared to any normal days are the finger food.

I mean you wouldn’t want to serve your guests with fishballs and cheese hotdog. Imagine the time your would take to prepare for the 20 guest who visit your place for the day. So that is when cookies come in handy. And since it is Hari Raya, here are my Top 5 famous picks for finger food choices. It is a must try at each house you stop at. See who has the better end product.



1. Pineapple Tart

I mean who can go wrong with pineapple tart right? It is common amongst all races in Singapore. And who can get enough of it? Definitely not me! I finish a container of it even before Hari Raya began. A good pineapple tart should not be too hard not too powdery. It should just nicely melt in your mouth while you chew it. This is definitely a must must try at each house!



2. Honey Cornflakes.

My second pick who be the honey cornflakes. Though not common in most houses because of the hassle/cost of making this tasty finger food, it is a must try when you see it. A good honey cornflakes should be crispy and sweet! 





3 Kuih Marmur.

The third pick is kuih makmur. It is less common to see it these days as it is time consuming to make it. And somehow, the younger generation seems to have lost taste in it, well at least that is what one of my auntie who makes cookies told me. Well, what this kuih is all about? It is sort of a snowy sugar coating, with peanut inside. Again the texture of the body should be similar of that with the pineapple tart. You definitely don’t want to give this a miss if you see it!



4. Kuih Almond London.

I have no idea why the London came into the picture of naming this cookie but it is what it is. I can’t really find the history of it either. Anywawy I remember helping my aunt making this one. It is a terrible long process. The cooking of the cocoa is the crucial part of the whole process. Don’t expect this cookie to be sweet because it was never met to in the first place. It is famous and well liked even with the generation today.



5. Kuih Kelapa.

Ah this is one of every oldies favourite. The simplest to make amongst the 5, it surprisingly bring a sweet taste to it. It is made by its main ingredient of coconut, topped with a little raisin for a little deco.

Happy Holidays! And watch those calories!



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