:: 1-2-3 ::

So the first 3 days of the week went rather fun but Wednesday ended very bad.

First I must say my left shoulder is finally getting back some sensation. Thus, I can feel a little bit more pain. And like I say I feel that my implant is outta place.

I finally did my first DIY furniture! It’s been a while. But it was all worth it. I mean considering my lack of power on my left arm it turned out pretty good!


It was a long and tiring 3 days at work. And we had a lot of arguments and misunderstanding with Besmond. I don’t understand why he doesn’t just want to listen to us when we are offering help. It is like me going ”Hey take my Kidney!” for if he had a kidney failure. So fustrating I felt like slapping his face yesterday especially when me and Adrian we trying to help him out and he just pushed us aside!

Ahh! Enough of the bad things, I at least have one good thing to make me smile! My order from the UK finally reached my mailbox!


Finally after a week of waiting!



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