:: 21 ::



Today, the day started really early. Not that I had anything particular to do in the morning but because I slept early last night as I wasn’t feeling too good. I woke up to a very nice weather at about 7am and how I wished I could continue on sleeping but my body just didn’t allow me to do that.

I decided to call Adrian at about 930am because we had to collect of tickets for Batam at Square 2. But he didn’t pick up. He woke up eventually and we set to meet at 12pm. I reached Novena first. So instead of waiting for him to come, I decided to head to the Travel agency first. Sadly we missed out the part on where we had to email some other shit agency before we could actually redeem the damn thing.

Ouh well, lesson learnt. I mean there has been a lot of lessons learnt lately for me. Which is a good thing!

So I decided to ask Adrian to meet at Chinatown so we can have lunch before BlackJack MONDAY!

So I boarded the train, which is not very often in the past 2 years. I decided to take notice of people footwear and I saw this lady standing in front of me wearing a major shoe. I should say I loved it a lot!



The day ended rather normal. Me heading to the gym to exercise my lower limbs and do the upper limbs as per suggested by my Doctors and Physio. But I am worried now!

My collar looks like something is protruding out! I guess I will wait to see what is up when I go for my X-ray next week. I mean I shouldn’t be worried right? Since I don’t feel much pain.





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