:: Movie Date 020813 ::

It was a very long day yesterday. Met up with the Doctors to remove my stitches and then took over Sebas till 11pm. But hey better than wasting time at home.


Anyway decided to head out for a movie with Besmond after work. Poor boy always getting bullied at work. I don’t understand how some people can be so mean. People already hate you and yet you are building up the hatred towards yourself.

I mean whatever, I can’t be bothered with some people anymore. I am already going through a lot in my life and I don’t need to add in extra dram into my life.

Anyway, back to the movie. We went The Wolverine since Bes was scared that he can’t sleep if we were to watch The Conjuring haha! How cute!


Well this is my review for Wolverine. I will make it short because there is not much to it.

Firstly, the story line makes little sense. I know right don’t most movies these days. Very little action. Honestly there was no particular part in the movie where you would be waiting to jump off your seat because it was gonna excite you. I mean I love the whole Asian kickass action going on, it reminds me of Ada Wong in Resident Evil. But there is much to it after that. I mean are they mutants? And what Mariko after that insect thing was injected to her.

See that is the problem with movies these day, they focus so much in sequels that they forget to elaborate on certain characters.

Oh well with that I should say that there is at least one thing I love about the movie and that is the character Yukio. I love the hair and the actions in the movie. It was better than the main character!




Viper and Wolverine.

I would rate The Wolverine 3.5/10. Very very disappointing indeed!



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