:: Should Singaporean Women Be Made To Serve NS? ::

I gues the topic on ” Should Singaporean Women Be Made To Serve NS?”, have been roaming around the country for years and years now since national service was made mandatory for male citizens in the country.

So the discussion of this particular topic include the follwing three question;

1) Should they be given a choice to serve?
2) What is the appropriate length of service?
3) What kind of combat/non-combat roles can they suitably fill?

Let us discuss these question carefully.

1) Should they be given a choice to serve?

I feel that this question is a bit redundant isn’t it. I am not being a sexist but if a male isn’t given any choice at all if he should or should not serve, why should a female right?

I mean we fight so much for equal gender rights in the country, yet when it comes to certain matters like serving the nation as a form of preperation when a war strike, it becomes a topic of debate.

I strongly feel that the government should review their mandatory policy for the sake of the citizens of the country. And since we are following the concept of Israel military, I guess it is just right to let the women do their part for the country too.

I mean, we can go deeper into questioning the government, why aren’t the foreigners made to serve the nation, since they are the one contributing to most of the population head counts in the country. But today, we are not here to discuss that as it isn’t the main focus.

2) What is the appropriate length of service?

The appropriate length of service has a pretty simple answer to it. Serve the same amount as the males. I mean since the men of the country can spare almost 2 years of their life truly focusing on the safety and proctetion of the country, why can’t women put in the same amount of effort?

I myself serve the complete duration I was enlisted for and honestly I learnt a lot. During your national service, it is not all about safe guarding the country and what you do if a war strikes. It also helps you build yourself as a person. How you relate to your peers and collegues. And most importantly, how to work with very diffucult people. These are certain skills you will take ages to master out there in the working world. But in the service, training is free, and you will notice within the short span of time you are in the force, you become a stronger and more capable person in handling difficult people and situations. You wonder why right? It is simple because in the national service hireachy is put into place and is abide to very closely. Unlike the working world, we can just dump out shit onto the CEO’s desk!

They have their own sets of laws that will be put into play when a crime is committed. We don’t need a lawyer for it to sit do and all the investigations, they have list and if your actions of the crime you committed happens to appear in the list, then you are guilty, no matter what you plea.

3) What kind of combat/non-combat roles can they suitably fill?

This is another question that has a simple solution to it. There are like tons of units in all the different area be it in the Army, Airforce, Navy, Police or Civil Defence.

There are plenty of clerical roles and sits that the females can fill in if they strongly feel that women don’t have to be a combatant.

But then we go back again to explore the unfairness in this situtation. Why is it that the females are ok to be physically and mentally challenged during their school days joining co-cirriculum clubs like NPCC and NCC? But when they become adults, they become weaker in both aspects. Shouldn’t it be the other way round? You get stronger as you reach adulthood.

I mean it is just like doing PE in school. Just for 3 months and after that you can basically for on the unit your are in. And trust me, you won’t be doing a lot either. All you do mostly is guide the new batches of trainees.

So with the 3 questions answered, I guess we see now why many are angered about this situation. But honestly the citizens of Singapore, including myself, has become more angry because we feel that NS has lost its meaning when the foreigners and PRs’ population are greater than Singaporean. An also we feel that we are currently fighting to protect the foreigners instead of Singaporean. I believe this topic will brought up more frequent when Singaporeans realize that they are getting lesser than what the foreigners are getting.



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