:: Memoirs Of The Boy In Green – Chapter 7 : Week 5 Of 9 ::


Week 5 of 9!

SIT test week. This is where they tes t you on your leadership, endurance and mentality. I think of the 3 they focus the most on your mentality. How strong you can be after being drench physically.

Haha! I can admit honestly, I didn’t take this test seriously because like I sadi I have absolutely no interest in suffering any further after my recruit days.

I was a total wreck. They had to do this thing where you had to tie your rope. I mean whatever right, I don’t know what in the world I was doing. So I had all the wayang kings do all the work and I just step aside and be the princess that I am.

But the whole thing was fun. Especially when we had to do some rescue. And me being one of the 3 big guy in the team had to do all the power lifting. I was literally laughing when I had to pull my friend up the mini building.

But the highlight would be what happen at night. Deep when everyone was sleeping haha! When I was too lazy to walk like all the way to the back of the convoy and head to the laterine. So I did what every desperate person would. I peed right beside my tent haha! With the help of a very big tree!

It was so much fun! And there was one time when it was my turn to carry the matador. So when I lifted it, I was like no way and I gonna run 2km with this shit on my back. Thank god for all the wayang kings. So be smart for those of you who don’t wanna be commaders!

The highlight of week 5 was the OC’s night. It was fill with a lot of joy and laughter. Something particularly rare considering the situation we were in. But I guess we should be thankful that we can have those little moments that leave a footprint on a long and challenging journey.

It was a definately a special night for our OC. Because we were the last batch he was taking in his BMTC journey. It was so fun as I said. We had a campfire! Something I don’t get to experience every other year.

The rest of the week was just all about passing our SOC and IPPT. Week 6 will bring a new challenge because we are heading to the urban operations!



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