:: Memoirs Of The Boy In Green – Chapter 6 : Week 4 Of 9 ::



Picture courtesy of the Mindef.


We finally had to book in. The celebration for Hari Raya was keep extremely short. But I was thankful that I managed to get to spend it with my family.

This was the week. FIELD CAMP!

The week every recruit awaits during their BMTC life. We got all our stuff ready before we book in. Of course a typical himbo like me wouldn’t know a thing what my Sergeant told me. But thank god my buddy is the silent killer that he is. I was truly blessed.

So the night before the field camp, the bunk was filled with anxiety and fear, completely normal I guess. Of course the wayang warriors were preparing themselves to show how good they were.

Day one begins. We march 12km to our camp site. Gosh it was madness. Up the hill and down the slope. Rocky terrains. But it was all worth the suffering. It let you appreciate the walk you could have taken everyday from home to the supermarket. Filled only with a flat pathway!

The rest of day one was filled with psychological torture, well in fact the entire field camp was filled with psychological torture. This would seperate the strong and the weak. And it definately showed.

We had to built our own tent, the one we have learnt to built the week before. Of all the things that was the easiest to do on Day one would be building the tent!

The day eneded short for all 5 days. We mostly ended our activities after 7pm.

Day 2-4 was filled with mental and physical torture. But it was so fun to have gone through all of these. We laughed about it when the camp was over.

How I wanted to fall out because mentally I couldn’t take it anymore but seeing my friends suffering both mentally and physically, I knew I had to push myself until I couldn’t take it physically too.

I was pretty blur throughout the camp. I didn’t know a lot of terms. Maybe perhaps I took a lot of things forgranted like I had in my life. It totally reflected during the camp. I was extremely dependable on my buddy.

But thank god after the camp, I learnt how to be independent. Learning to fight my own fights.

I guess the highlight for the field camp would be the letter from home.

My mum wrote a very short note. Most of us got it. The unlucky ones didn’t. It might have dampen their spirits but I was glad to see that it didn’t stop them from continuingly putting on teamwork.

The last day was filled with high spirited boys. We know now that the end is near!

Field camp would mean that all the torture would end. And this is true. Once you go through your field camp, the tempo would go slightly down but the discipline though, maintain.

The journey didn’t stop though the tempo went down, we still have 5 weeks ahead of us.



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