:: 5 Things You Should Know Before Going For A Wax ::



Today, I finally decided to get a professional to do my waxing. Gosh, it was hell. But I guess it is all worth it. Now I know how to do it proper.

It is not that I have not waxed before but it is the first time I am getting a pro to do it for me.

It is almost similar doing by yourself just that with a pro, the time is takes probably is 5 times lesser, SERIOUSLY!

But let me just share with you a few tips before you head down to the ‘strip club’

  1. Make sure your hair isn’t to short to wax because it will be double or triple the pain when it is longer.
  2. Clean the area of waxing before heading to the club, possible take a shower, all for the sake of hygiene and respect towards the person who is going to wax you!
  3. Make sure your pain threshold is on the on switch if not it would be to late to back off after waxing only 1/3 of the area.
  4. Have a goal in mind. If you consider waxing is should be long term and if possible try out IPL.
  5. Make sure you get a good deal for your future appointment. This way you can save tons of cash!



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