:: Memoirs Of The Boy In Green – Chapter 4 : Week 2 Of 9 ::


ArmyBag MaidCarry


Picture courtesy of the Mindef.

P.S. : That isn’t me haha!


Week 2, technically the 3rd week since we counted from 0, is were the real deal happens. Now our commanders can finally punish us physically.

Without home for 2 weeks, everyone was at the lowest point of their lives. So we had to depend on each other. We have become a family, after just 14days for each other. Making calls back home became lesser, engaging with other platoon mates suddenly became the top priority.

Of course the main goal of the 3rd week was to book out and see the outside world again.

The view of my company sucks! We can literally see the main land, the ferries coming in and out. Ahhh those were the days. It feels like you are trapped!

We learnt more soildering skills in week 2. We understood even more what it feels like to be independent, honest and vigilant. Our fitness improved and so did our mental toughness. Especially for all the muslims. We were fasting and being put in a situation where you were totally drained, could seperate those who are mental strong or just physically strong.

The first of the many route marches happened on week 2. The 4km route march. It wasn’t as tough as I tough. Though there were a few keng kings who put their cards into play.

I finally had over my I/C roll to another guy. I felt relief. Lesser responsibilities now. But soon I will find out that it was just temporary.

But heck it.

Anyway, I finally started to have a little bit more appetite to eat. The food wasn’t all that bad. I was aleays rushing for the fruits. Especially bananas and apples. I fought a lot during the meal times, only with the obese boys. Only because the were drinking as if we were going to suffer from a drought soon. I guess they don’t understand the meaning of the word SHARE!.

The days finally past. 20 days of not seeing society, we finally got to book out. Of course once we reached the main island, some had someone special like their families or girlfriend waiting for them. For me, I was alone, only because I don’t really have a strong bond with my family. And I was single. My best friends wanted to come over but I said it was ok, it would be 10pm if they wanted to come over and just to send me home, kindna pointless because  I would be too tired to go anywhere anyways.

When I finally got home, everyone was glad to see me. So was I.

But I was too exhausted to have had any conversations with anyone. So I just collasped on my bed and when I know it, I woke up and it was a Sunday and it would be time to book in, in a few hours time…….



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