:: Memoirs Of The Boy In Green – Chapter 2 : Week 0 0f 9 ::


Picture courtesy of Cyberpioneer.

The first week was rather scary I should say. You feel lost, alone and inprisoned. What was worse is that, you buddy was so unkept. You can only wonder how bad this could get.

We got our “luggage” filled with everything we need to survive throughout the next 2 years. Well at least the next 10 weeks. I was in the catogary of the fittest for the boys in green, thus my service as a Recruit was rather short but very intensive. Well not so intensive, I will elaborate more as we go on.

It was fun to unpack the luggage. The fun part was putting the things together. I had a little experience with the military stuff as I joined the boys military co-cirricular club during my school days, which I wasn’t present for more than 80% of the time. It was funny to see how lost people were and it was good to have the chance to teach them. It is all about teamwork if you want to survive there.

Aside from the what was in the luggage, I knew nuts about the military. All I know was, we were going to be treated like we were in a K-9 unit!

Mid day, we had to shave our hairs. Only the head of course. I already did my before I came in, just to get the feeling of being bald!

It was funny seeing how miserable others were. Especially those who can in with long and colored hair. Nothing much really happen on Day 1. We just did some interviews for most part of the days.

But at least there some some part of drama. Drama can’t never not appear on any given day. So take that back! Something did happen on Day 1.

We meet our Officer Commander, OC. Some hot daddy Captain. He has this look like he was going to rape you at time you were alone. So he was talking and you know when someone goes about bragging about his career and an organization that 99% of people in the room don’t give a damn about. We just want to Serve And F#@! off!

Let’s give my OC a nick name shall we, Daddy!.

Daddy shouted across the road to this particular boy. God knows who he was. Everyone was bald = everyone looks the same except the color!

So he punished the boy, asking him time and time again, “You want to sleep somemore! “. And just like a humble dog who barks at a question, the boy replied, “No, SIR! “.

Well, that obviously shook everyone. We now know how serious this whole serve and f$$$ off thing is.

Back in the room, we talked about what happened. And surprise surprise!!! The boy was my buddy. I was like god please help me, this kid is gonna get me into a lot of shit.

I mean whatever right. As week one pass, more shit happens. We got scolded for being selfish when others we acting irresponsibly. But only after each day passes I realized that, everything we were punished for, were just ways and means to let us learn about ourselves and the people around us.

Our mindsets we of course just so against everything that was going on. Yes, most things we unethical but some do make sense. Maybe we were just oo new in week 1 to understand the organization.

You question yourself, why am I awake so early in the morning?

Why do I have to exercise everyday even though I know I am the fittest amongst the fittest?

Why are they treating me like I am a worthless human being?

But as I go on you will learn that things change. For the better and some for the worse.

FYI, the movie that they made, yes you know which one, is just an exaggeration of the whole thing. It is a movie forgoodness sake!.





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