:: Memoirs Of The Boy In Green – Chapter 1 : The Begining ::



They say the beginning of a journey is always the toughest. Especially the ones where you do it by yourself or should I put it, do it with a group of complete strangers. Well it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, I guess our memoirs are somewhat similar. Maybe for those without much power when they go through this particular journey I am about to share.

I have finally complete the 2years of what is mandatory for every male in this country I choose to reside it. Well I am a Brit, but I chose to give up that whole European life for a simple and more conservative lifestyle in Asia. At least that is what I thought. Being in a country, where in the eyes of many, is the place to be. I seriously thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I thought I would be living the dream.

That of course, sadly, isn’t the case at all. The battles were just getting ready to begin.

And so I reached the age of 22 and it was finally time to do the whole national service thing. I was of course overwhlem, fearful and anxious about the whole thing. My friends were freaking me out. There wasn’t like a choice I could choose from. It was either I kill myself or I disappear to somewhere else.

Well since both choices seems to be unrealistic, I had to go through this journey whether I liked it or not.

So it begun, on the very 1st day of August 2011.



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