:: The Break- 5 Things You Should Not Do When On A Holiday ::


It has been a long long time since I took a holiday.The last one was 2 years ago when I went to Bali. Well it’s not that I haven’t travel for so long. I mean I went to Taiwan, KL etc etc. but all for work purposes.

After so long, I need this. And I am happy I finally got it. Of course there were some unfortunate things that happens when you haven’t been out and about for so long.

I saw a robbing incident which freaked the hell out of me. Got con and the list goes on when you are a tourist.

But my focus today is not all that. I want to share 5 simples things you should not do when you are traveling. Especially if it is on a holiday.

1. Never bring a fixed amount of money.

Well if you plan on a budget say $500, make you you always bring some additional cash with you. You will never know how much you are going to spend on the first day. Even if you have set a budget for daily expenses, trust me you will go overboard and over spent.

2. Never forget a credit card.

Well I didn’t at least but my friend did! If you want to travel with a friend, make sure you have you own credit card! You don’t want to piss you travel bud off on day 1 on the trip when you check in.

3. Never agree to buy stuff when the price is not negotiated.

Well people want to make money and tourist are the best target. If the quote you a price that is very high, first convert how much is it in the currency of the country you live in. Secondly, see if it cost the same. Thirdly, bargain. How do you start? Easy slash the price by half or by half of how much you know it will cost!

4. Never take an unmetered taxi.

We all know this by now, when you are a tourist cabbies make easy money outta you. Unless you are really desperate to get somewhere and it is very hard to get a cab, don’t fall for cabbies trickery.
Always check if it is a metered cab, then board it!

5. Never think of work.

Well I myself can’t help it. We sometimes feel a little bit guilty leaving all the work at work. And while we are having fun, people at work are suffering. But think of it this way, the only reason why you are on a holiday is because work is asking you to take a break and distress!

So when on a holiday, change you SIM card so work can’t reach you. But don’t forget to give the number to home for emergency purposes.



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