:: 7 Ways To Irritated The Hell Out of Those Who Irritates You ::


I am constantly being irritated at work. Well maybe is because of the working environment I am in. All men, too much ignorance and ego going around.

I used to be humble at work, agreeing to almost anything and everything. And yes even if it doesn’t benefit me.

But all these have hurted me. I bottle all my feelings each week and save the whining for my therapy sessions.

I literally took my therapist advice this past one month and I have seeen how effective the results are. It is not about hurting back their feelings but it is all about changing yourself to suit the environment. In other words, become them!

Here are 7 ways to irritate the hell out of those who irritate you.

  1. Ignore them.
  • Nothing will annoy the annoyer if you ignore him. So irritate him by making invisible.

      2. Avoid the question.

  • Don’t give them the answer that they are looking for. Beat around the bush or best don’t answer the question at all. Change the subject each time they lead you back to the focus.

     3.  Don’t pick up their call.

  • You know it is them and high chances that they want a favour and doen’t benefit you at all. So ignore their call don’t pick up until probably they decide to stop call the 101 times. Call them back and say sorry you were away.

     4. Boycott them.

  • Go agaisnt everything they ask you to do. Say it is beyond your capabilities or not in the position to perform the task.

     5. Don’t invite them out for lunch break.

  • No better way to make them feel ousted then to not let them feel that they are part of the group. Simply just leave without them and if they ask if you want to go for lunch just say you have gone with the others and then surprise the moron and appear with your group!

      6. Flood their email.

  • CC their emails that is so not important. Exclude them from those that are. Forward them random emails about work and P.S them just for your info.

       7. Red Flag

  • Red flag everything even if it is not urgent. Say that you are overloaded with work and the office is a team environment thus you need his help and support to finish the work.

Well I hope my own little experiment will help you stand up for yourself. Most importantly, get rid of those annoying people around the office!



3 thoughts on “:: 7 Ways To Irritated The Hell Out of Those Who Irritates You ::

  1. Buy a good bottle of scotch, I would recommend a Chivas or Royal Salute. Put on some music, pour a drink and relax. Cheaper and more effective than a therapist and much more fun…

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