:: This Is How ::


So this is how it all begun.

At a club.

The first time we meet.

You were the drunk, I served every Friday night.

It was all hi and bye or just how much it was to enter the club.

But today something changed.

I called you by your name.

So instead of the smile we used to exchanged to each other, our conversation lasted longer.

You asked me how I knew your name and I told you because I served you every Friday.

So from a smile it became a 5 mins conversation.

Then something happened before you left.

We exchanged a second of a kiss.

No I have not fall in love.

But yes you’ve open my heart to believe that falling in love is possible.

So that was how it all begun.

And today this is how it is going to be.

I am going to go out there to the world and face the fear I have so long fear to face, to fall in love.



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