:: The 3 Different Types of Responses When You Are Angry ::


There is an automatic reaction when we get angry. But each and everyone of us are unique and different, thus our responses may differ.

Some people are assertive, some passive and some aggressive.

But what are the characteristics of the points mentioned above. The main question is, how will it then affect us if we response the way we had?

Lets venture further into the points mentioned above.


  • People who are passive normally respond by keeping all the fustration to themselves. In a way it is good because people see you as a person who can accept criticism and not rude. It is bad because people who are passive tends to explode unwarned. And only after they explode, will they feel relief.

   2. Assertive.

  • Assertive people are those who respond in a very polite, respectful yet direct manner. They get straight to the point about how they feel yet cautioning not to hurt the other party. They positive note about people who are assertive is that people get to know on the spot how they feel and this will bring about some sort of awarness of how a person’s character is like when faced with a negative situation. The negative point though is people will think that you are egoistic and arrogant.

       3. Aggressive.

  • Aggresive people are ones that explodes at any given moment of irritatibility and fustration. The good point is people know not to irritate or spark any sort of fire against these people. The bad is that they become less approachable.

So which one are you?

Reflect and see if you can try to respond to these 3 different types of responses next time.



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